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One click. Images from every angle.

More than images. All the details. Endless possibilities.

Up to 360°. Up to 3D

Shoot with dozens of cameras, capturing every possible angle.
Get all images in seconds.
Post them immediately on social networks.
Turn them into a 3D model.
Print them in 3D.

State of the art technology

We are engineers and we build technology. We designed our software and hardware to make sure our system was robust, efficient and state of the art.

Easy and flexible

Just click and shoot an image with dozens of cameras. You can change shutter time, aperture, exposure, ISO, all through a simple web interface [some options require device support]. Images are downloaded immediately from the cameras and processed, all within a few seconds. Then they are ready to be seen and shared in social networks.


From our core technologies we offer a series of services and products.
Synchronized photos

We can connect dozens of cameras together and make them shoot together. Not expensive DSLRs, but affordable Androids.

  • Use Android devices, inexpensive and with good quality cameras
  • No dedicated eletronics required
  • Cameras shoot within a few millisseconds
Remote camera control

Full control of your cameras from a distance. Set exposure, shutter time, ISO, aperture and more. Integrate high quality cameras into your software.

  • Solutions for biometric or security systems
  • Motion detection and shooting
  • Events
3D reconstruction

Now that you have your pictures from many angles, why not have them from EVERY angle? We can reconstruct the objects in 3D.

  • Complete 3D reconstruction
  • Virtual reality
  • Augmented reality
  • Quick reconstruction of existing buildings or areas
  • We develop entire applications for you


Now for some wonderful things you can do with our technology

Bring attention to your event. Take pictures in 180°, which are easier to setup, and let your visitors post them on social networks.

  • Link your event to technology
  • Spread your brand: your visitors will take their pictures and post on social networks with your logo on them, talking about how cool is your event
  • Rent with us and we'll do all the work

Whether you have ancient artifacts in a museum, the latest fashion, or any products you are showing, display them in all their full glory.

  • Fashion
  • Museums
  • Technology
The impossible is possible

Go beyond images. Have interactive preview in your website with every angle. Scan objects and print them in 3D. Integrate our system with virtual and augmented reality. If you can imagine it, ask us to build it.

  • 3D reconstruction, which can be used to 3D print objects
  • Capture sports in all their splendor
  • Create high quality avatars in seconds

We make state of the art technology to make you look good.


Questions everybody ask us. And some more.
What is Camera360?
Camera360 is a system of multiple cameras that take photos in synchrony.
What can I use Camera360 for?
Camera360 can be used for 360 degree photos, panoramas, bullet time, promotional events photos, interactive catalogs, art
What type of image is generated by Camera360?
We generate images in several formats: a list of JPEGs which can be used in any application, MPEG4, OGV, as well as animated GIFs, sprites and more. The interactive viewer seen in this page is also available to be used in your own site.
Can I rent Camera360?
Contact us for rentals. We are always looking for partners to help us rent it in other parts of the world.
Can I buy Camera360?
Yes. Buy online right now!
How does it work?
Camera360 runs on your Android devices. The controlling computer web-based software, very easy to operate, so you can take pictures. We also include special software to treat images when they are taken, ensuring that they are properly aligned and corrected.
What devices are supported?
It should be compatible with any Android device (version 4.0 or above). Please test in one device before buying many licenses and contact us if you have any issues.
Is it easy to install?
Camera360 was designed to be easy and fast to install.
Can we use it for photogrammetric 3D reconstruction?
Yes, you can use the pictures taken with software such as Autodesk Recap or Agisoft Photoscan.
Can you shoot videos as well as photos?
Working on it. Contact us if you are interested.
How many cameras do I need?
The number of cameras may vary according to the client needs. Usually there is one camera every 5 degrees, which makes 72 cameras for a 360 degree setup, or 36 cameras for a 180 degree setup, but you can build any format or number of cameras.
What happened to the old version that used point-and-shoot cameras?
We discontinued it but we still have the technology. Contact us if you are interested

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Corollarium has been working on virtual reality for years.
Our story

We have a long experience in software and hardware.

Camera360 is a product developed by Corollarium, a company specialized in virtual reality and image processing. It was designed to photograph with multiple cameras in synchrony. It can be used for 360 degree photos, panoramas, bullet time and more.

With our proprietary technology we ensure a high level of synchrony among the cameras. The cameras can be placed in any position, even dozens of them. With our own hardware and software, our cost is very low and we can control the cameras remotely.

Image processing
Web and mobile applications
Computer vision
Virtual and augmented reality

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