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Camera360 the easiest solution for bullet time and photogrammetry

by Corollarium

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How it works

Taking a photo using Camera360

Server computer with Camera360 software

Computer with software

A control computer with Camera360 Server is used to shoot all the devices at same time with a simple interface.
Smartphones capturing 360º image

3D capture

Android smartphone with a camera captures image. With more devices you get more angles and quality.

Why you should use our technology

Bullet time 360º videos and photos

Endless Possibilities.

  • Up to 360º

    Shoot with dozens of inexpensive cameras, capturing every possible angle.
  • Ultra fast, ultra simple

    One click and you get all images in seconds, already in video/GIF format
  • Easy to share

    Have them immediately on a website and social networks, automatically.
  • Simple setup

    No fancy electronics. Wireless. Just install the software and get it working.
  • Perfect timing

    Synchronized photos
  • Quality output

    Our software performs alignment and color correction automatically
  • Great Value

    Low cost // High quality
Learn about Camera360 for bullet time and 360º video

3D reconstruction / Photogrammetry

Create 3d models from the pictures, for 3d printing and computer graphics. Use them on many applications: events, show, fashion, museums, games, technology and more.

Learn about Camera360 for 3D models and 3D printing
Start with photos from all angles
Start with photos from all angles
Use 3D reconstruction software to process them
Use 3D reconstruction software to process them
View the 3D model on the web or use on games and animations

Events and Installations

You can rent it for your events or make permanent instalations.

Let us handle the hassle, you get perfect 360 degree photos on your own website ready to share on social networks

Learn about Camera360 for events and installations
Camera360 for custom events and installations

Image Processing

Just click and shoot, we do everything else


Great image quality

The camera is used in full resolution to deliver quality images

image align on Camera360
image align on Camera360
image align on Camera360

Auto align

The images are aligned automatically by our software

Image color correction on Camera360 Image color correction on Camera360

Auto Color Correction

Lighting and camera sensors are not always the same. Our software performs automatic color correction

Smartphones on a Camera360 structure
Smartphones on a Camera360 structure
Smartphones with Camera360 app

Licensing plans


  • Maximum cameras: up to 20
  • Tickets for support
  • Generates JPG, MP4, OGV, GIF
  • Images available locally only
  • No image post-processing


  • Maximum cameras: no limit
  • Priority support
  • Records videos with multiple cameras
  • Generates JPG, MP4, OGV, GIF
  • Local and cloud/webserver
  • Automatic color calibration
  • Automatic alignment for circular rigs
  • Chroma key support (in beta)
  • Video capture (in alpha)
  • Integrates with payment systems
  • Scripting for workflow automation and integration
  • Custom changes to the software (may be charged extra)


  • Web server for your event/location
  • Photos are synchronized in real time
  • Social network sharing buttons
  • Email sent to users
  • Access analytics
  • Cloud hosted, do not worry about anything
  • Up to 45GB of images, 3TB traffic (need even more? We can deliver)
  • Use your own domain and logo

Custom Photo Booths with Camera360

Create custom photo booths to use and rent for any type of event. Easy to use and transport.

Camera360 for Photo booths
A custom photo booth made for camera360


Questions everybody ask us. And some more.

What is Camera360?
Camera360 is a system to make multiple cameras take photos in synchrony.
What can Camera360 be used for?
Camera360 can be used for 360 degree photos, panoramas, bullet time, promotional events photos, interactive catalogs, art, 3D projects and more
What type of image is generated by Camera360?
We generate images in several formats: a list of JPEGs which can be used in any application, MPEG4, OGV, as well as animated GIFs, sprites and more. You can also embed images in your own site.
Can I rent Camera360?
Yes you can! Contact us for rentals. We are also always looking for partners to help us rent it all over the world.
Can I buy Camera360?
Yes. Buy online right now!
How does it work?
Camera360 runs on your Android devices. A very simple control interface is used to take pictures. We also include special software to treat images when they are taken, ensuring that they are properly aligned and corrected.
What devices are supported?
It should be compatible with any Android device (version 5.0 or above). Please test in one device before buying many licenses and contact us if you have any issues.
Can I use different Android models together?
It may work, but phones have different picture resolutions, camera features and other characteristics. For best results make sure that all models are the same.
How does licensing work?
You get a license for a number of devices. You can use fewer devices than your license allows too, but not more.
Can I access the images after the photo is taken?
Yes, you can get the raw images if you wish to process with your own software. Camera360 also generates thumbnails and movies (GIF, MP4, OGV) automatically for you.
Do I need a PC to control the system?
Yes, you need a PC running Microsoft Windows or Linux. You can use a tablet or phone to send shoot commands (so the PC can be just a server hidden from view), but the PC is necessary to control everything and process data.
Do you use full resolution of the device cameras?
Yes. Pictures are taken using the full resolution of the camera. You can also set the resolution to smaller values if you wish.
What happened to the previous version that used Canon point and shoots?
It was discontinued. We are not supporting it anymore. If you are interested in the technology contact us, but we are not selling the product anymore.
Is it easy to install?
Camera360 was designed to be easy and fast to install. Software takes only a few seconds to install and be running.
Can we use it for photogrammetric 3D reconstruction?
Yes, you can use the pictures taken with software such as Autodesk Recap or Agisoft Photoscan.
Can you shoot videos and not only static photos?
We are working on it. Contact us if you are interested.
Do you provide customer support?
Yes, we have full customer technical support, and we can adapt the software to your needs.
How many cameras do I need?
The number of cameras may vary according to the client needs. For videos were suggest one camera every 5 degrees, which makes 72 cameras for a 360 degree setup, or 36 cameras for a 180 degree setup, but you can build any format or number of cameras.


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State of the art technology

Camera360 is a product developed by Corollarium.
We build technology at Corollarium. We designed our software and hardware to make sure our system is reliable and efficient. State of the art technology for multiple view image acquisition and processing.

We can customize Camera360 to your needs. We develop software for image processing, data visualization, virtual and augmented reality, web and mobile applications. Contact us!