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Camera360 for bullet time 360 degrees video


Synchronized photos

Just click and shoot an image with dozens of cameras. Images are downloaded immediately from the cameras and processed in a few seconds. Then they are ready to be seen and shared in social networks.

We can connect dozens of cameras together and make them shoot together.

Low cost, high quality

  • Forget about spending a huge amount of money in DSLRs
  • Use Android devices, inexpensive and with good quality cameras
  • You can change camera settings remotely such as exposure, ISO, all through a simple interface.
  • No dedicated eletronics required, unless you need very quick timing

Easy & connected

  • Get videos or GIFs
  • Have images online immediately, synchronizing with a webserver
  • Notify users so they can share easily
  • Publish on social networks
Main interface

Raspberry Pi or Android

  • Supports Android phones out of the box
  • Or use instead a Raspberry Pi, the inexpensive computer
Raspberry Pi

Rent or buy


Shooting only stationary objects? No electronics necessary, just a good wifi network


Shooting people in motion? Use our Trigger360(TM) hardware for blazing fast and accurate synchronisation


State of the art technology