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Photo booths for 360 degrees


Photo booths

Improve on old and traditional photo booths. Be innovative. Get a bullet time photo booth and take photos in 90, 180 or 360 degrees.

Video from Instangraphy, one of our customers

Custom Photo Booths with Camera360

From smaller to larger sizes, any number of cameras, any angle up to 360 degrees.

A custom photo booth made for camera360

Make money with photo booth rentals for events

You can rent it for events or even make permanent instalations.

Bring attention to the event. Take pictures in 180°, which are easier to setup, and let your visitors post them on social networks.

Video from Instangraphy, one of our customers

Sell pictures

Camera360 has an API to integrate with payment systems, so you can sell photos individually.

  • API for integration with ticket selling. Sell pictures!
  • Quick flow: less than a minute for people to walk in, take the picture and the photo be ready
  • Customise it to your needs
Real time reports of Camera360

Shoot without an operator

Simple interface. Anyone can use it. You do not even need an operator.

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