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Temporary events and permanent installations


Rentals for temporary events

You can rent it for your events or make permanent instalations.

Bring attention to your event. Take pictures in 180°, which are easier to setup, and let your visitors post them on social networks.

  • Link your event to technology
  • Spread your brand: your visitors will take their pictures and post on social networks with your logo on them, talking about how cool is your event
  • Track photos in realtime
  • Rent with us and we'll do all the work
Camera360 structure
Offer a incredible experience for your events

Permanent installations

  • API for integration with ticket selling. Sell pictures
  • Quick flow: less than a minute for people to walk in, take the picture and the photo be ready
  • Customise it to your needs
Permanent Camera360 installation
Custom installations

Get social

  • Get photos immediately in a public website
  • Notify users right away that their images are online
  • Get real time analytics of your website access
  • Post automatically to your social networks
  • Easy share buttons for your users

Dedicated support & customisation